Garment folder

  • WFO-JUMP-HG Folder Uniform

    Product: Garment folder

    Model: WFO-JUMP-HG

    Weight: 1,900㎏

    Machine size: Width 1,593mm
    Length 4,519mm
    Height 2,697mm

    • Can be fed either automatically using hangers or manually
    • Capable of detecting the type of laundry fed so that jackets and trousers can be fed interchangeably
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  • WFO-JUMP2-HG Folder Uniform

    Product: Uniform folder for both back faced and chest faced finishings

    Model: WFO-JUMP2-HG

    Machine size: Width 1,588mm, Depth 5,220mm, Height 2,385mm

    • Possible to make both back faced finishing and chest faced finishing by one machine.
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  • WFO-JUMP-JX Folder Protective Wears

    Product: Folder dedicated for protective wears

    Model: WFO-JUMP-JX

    Machine size: Width 1,388mm, Depth 3,410mm, Height 1,911mm

    • Folder dedicated for protective wears.
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  • WFO-JUMP2-HG-2STAC Folder Protective Wears

    Product: Uniform folder for both back faced and chest faced finishing (with 2 stackers)

    Model: WFO-JUMP2-HG-2STAC

    Machine size: Width 2,510mm, Depth 4,605mm, Height 2,385mm

    • By 2 stacking places, items are variously discharged.
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  • WFO-7-COMB Folder Gown Others

    Product: Bathrobe Folder

    Model: WFO-7-COMB

    Conveyor speed: 30m/min

    Weight: 2,400kg

    Machine size: Width 2,040mm, Length 3,500mm, Height 2,080mm

    • Capable of folding various kinds of items from thick bathrobes to thin gowns.
    • A folder that can fold both with the breast side out and the back side out.
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  • T-BOX Folder T-shirts / Pants

    Product: Folder for multiple type of garments

    Model: T-BOX

    Machine size: Width 879mm, Depth 1,447mm, Height 1,539mm

    • Very small, but very easy to fold various types of garments.
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