Inspection device

  • VMS-GL-700 S/M Inspection device For bed sheets/duvet covers

    Product: Surface Inspection Device Video Measure

    Model: VMS-GL-700 S/M

    Number of lanes: S (1 lanes), M (1-5 lanes)

    Conveyor speed: 10-70m/min

    • Automatic surface inspection device for determination of dirt and tears
    • With added original algorithm for mold detection, has an improved mold detection capability
    • Reduced probability of false alarms with a relaxed algorithm for wrinkles
    • Detects bed sheets with unsatisfactory shapes and ejects them from the folder
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  • VISION7 Inspection device Sheet / Cover Pillow Case

    Product: Back Side Inspection Device 'Vision'

    Model: VISION

    Number of lanes: S (1 lanes), M (1-5 lanes)

    Conveyor speed: 10-60m/min

    Machine size: Width 4,398mm, Length 1,000mm, Height 1,842mm

    • A back side inspection device unit that can be retrofitted to a folder
    • Equipped with a mirrorless system eliminating image distortions
    • Compact design to save space
    • Camera is placed on the inside of the unit to minimize dust and heat related problems
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  • GT-500W Inspection device Bath Towel Face Towel

    Product: 2-Side Inspection Device for Towels

    Model: GT-500W

    Conveyor speed: 30-35m/min

    Machine size: Width 1,532mm, Length 1,082mm, Height 1,500mm

    • 2-Side Inspection Device for Towels
    • Capable of detecting color smears, black smears, tears, and loose threads
    • Also discards as rejected goods linen items inserted askew or inserted with corners folded
    • Automatically recognizes jacquard patterns and tags
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