Feeder / folder for piece goods

  • PVF-500-FL Feeder Pillow Case Other

    Product: Pillow Case Feeder

    Model: PVF-500-FL

    Conveyor speed: 30m/min

    Weight: 1,250kg

    Machine size: Width 3,600mm, Length 1,320mm, Height 1,105mm

    • With vacuum operation, very easy to simply put linen on the conveyor
    • In addition to pillow cases and napkins, has 1-lane for inserting bed sheets
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  • PSF-5 Folder Pillow Case Other

    Product: Pillow Case Folder

    Model: PSF-5

    Number of lanes: 5

    Conveyor speed: 10-50m/min

    Weight: 2,800kg

    Machine size: Width 3,840mm
    Length 3,700mm
    Height 1,600mm

    • Equipped with a folding conveyor divided into five lanes and allows for separate loading for each lane
    • Can be used for various kinds of products from pillow cases and napkins to tablecloths
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  • PCF-400-33 Feeders For pillow cases

    Product: Pillow Case Feeder with Clamps

    Model: PCF-400-33

    Number of lanes: 4

    Conveyor speed: 5-30m/min

    Machine size: Width 4,290mm, Length 2,075mm, Height 2,130mm

    • With vacuum system, it’s just simply needed pillow cases onto the clamps
    • With brushes and enlargement boards installed in various places inside the machine, makes it possible to thoroughly eliminate wrinkles
    • Distance between clamps is adjustable in 13 steps
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