Towel folder

  • T1A-Smart Folder Bath Towel Face Towel Bath Mat

    Product: 4-Folds Towel Folder

    Model: T1A-Smart

    Conveyor speed: 35m/min

    Weight: 600kg

    Machine size: Width 1,226mm, Length 2,870mm, Height 1,170mm

    • A folder from our bestselling T1A series
    • Interchangeable 4-folds feeding of bath towels and face towels
    • Insertion height is 940mm to reduce fatigue of the operator
    • Can also be used for 2-folds bath towels
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  • T2CP Folder Face Towel

    Product: 4-Folds Face Towel Folder

    Model: T2CP

    Conveyor speed: 35m/min

    Weight: 400kg

    Machine size: Width 752mm, Length 2,160mm, Height 1,167mm

    • A machine for face towels
    • Equipped with an 2-folds mechanism as a standard feature
    • Ensures high quality finish for various kinds of fabrics from thin to thick with a new folding plate system
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  • TB-60K Folder Bath Towel

    Product: French-Fold Style Bath Towel Folder

    Model: TB-60K

    Conveyor speed: 35m/min

    Weight: 1,000kg

    Machine size: Width 1,400mm, Length 3,590mm, Height 1,435mm

    • Aluminum knifes and an air blow mechanism enable it to fold even the high-end towels with thick fabrics
    • Separated input conveyors make it easy to feed the towels in a precise way
    • Capable of folding bed sheets with elastic corners achieving high-quality folding
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  • TB-80K Folder Bath Towel Face Towel Bath Mat

    Product: Super Multi-Folder

    Model: TB-80K

    Conveyor speed: 35m/min

    Weight: 1,500kg

    Machine size: Width 2,432mm, Length 3,540mm, Height 1,420mm

    • Ensures highly precise finish of French-fold style folding through use of aluminum knives and air blow mechanism resulting in sharp edges
    • Wide selection of folding mode variations accommodating various kinds of products
    • In addition to French-fold style, offers regular 4-folds, and 2-folds and 3-folds for bath mats, and even capable of folding hotel resort robes
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  • TB-85K Folder Bath Towel Face Towel Bath Mat

    Product: Super Multiple Towel Folder

    Model: TB-85K

    Conveyor speed: 35m/min (The speed varies according to the modes.)

    Weight: 1,600kg

    Machine size: Width 2,437mm, Length 3,685mm, Height 1,500mm

    • Making the Conveyer Speed ultra-high speed realizes 10% increase of processing capacity comparing to the conventional machine (TB-80K)
    • Optimizing each motion of a large knife for large bath towels and a small knife for small face towels realizes the increase of processing capacity.
    • Installing the movable roll cover at the end of the feeding conveyer supports feeding works.
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  • TF-30K Folder Face Towel

    Product: Face Towel Multi-Folder

    Model: TF-30K

    Conveyor speed: 35m/min

    Weight: 500kg

    Machine size: Width 772mm, Length 3,065mm, Height 1,420mm

    • Supports multi-folding of face towels
    • Compact, space-saving design for installation in any location
    • Rear or side output selectable
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  • TMF-3 Folder Bath Towel Face Towel Bath Mat

    Product: Product: Towel folder for 3 kinds

    Model: TMF-3

    Conveyor speed: 45m/min

    Machine size: Width 1.942mm, Depth 3,245mm, Height 1,450mm

    • All the 3 types (bath towels, hand towels and bath mats) are processed by one machine.
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  • NF-1FP Stacker Wash Towel

    Product: Wash Towel Stacker

    Model: NF-1 FP

    Conveyor speed: 35m/min

    Machine size: Width 802mm, Depth 2,260mm, Height 1,490mm

    • Beautiful flat stacking can be made with easy operation.
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  • TB-100F Folder Bath Towel Face Towel Bath Mat

    Product: Super Multi-Towel Folder for 3 kinds

    Model: TB-100F

    Conveyor speed: 35m/min

    Machine size: Width 1,595mm, Depth 3,920mm, Height 1,753mm

    • All the 3 kinds (Bath towels, hand towels and bath mats) are processed by one machine.
    • Multiple folding patterns like French folding.
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